Curtain Wall System

Curtain Wall System

Setting building windows with beautiful decoration is a great thing. You can create an aesthetic view in your home by using different methods. 


What Is A Curtain Wall System

The curtain wall system is thin and lightweight, usually aluminum and glass. The wall is not structural, and they can only carry their weight by design. At the same time, they are transferring a load of wind and gravity to the structure of the building. 

Glass Curtain Wall System  

A glass curtain wall system is a building facade that uses glass as the primary cladding material. It consists of a series of glass panels supported by a metal frame attached to the building structure. The glass panels can be clear or tinted. And they may be designed to incorporate various patterns or textures.


How To Install Curtain Wall System

Before installing the building structure, pre-installation must be prepared to receive the curtain wall system. This may involve establishing an anchor or other attachment to the building structure. As well as preparing the opening for the curtain wall pattern.


Curtain Wall System For Residence

A residential curtain system is typically used in commercial buildings. But they can also be used in residential buildings. In a residential application. High-end luxury homes often use curtain wall systems to create a modern, open-concept living space with expensive views and plenty of natural light. Some famous examples are here.

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