What Are Back Tab Curtain Panels

What Are Back Tab Curtain Panels

Usually, curtains come in single sheets or cloth. But when it is matter or wide penal curtain, the back tab curtain is essential and the best part to create an aesthetic.


What Are Back Tab Curtains

Back tab curtains are also called hidden curtains. Because it is mainly swed behind the main curtain cloth, these panels are used back side of the main panel instead of the traditional grommets, rings or rod pockets on the top of the panels.


What Is Rod Pocket Curtains?

Rod pockets are a type of window treatment with a pocket sewn into the top of the penal, which slides over a curtain rod to hand the penal. The pocket is typically made from the same stuff as the main curtain.

Back Tab Vs Rod Pocket Curtains

The back tab and pocket are popular curtain types. Each type is famous for its unique features and benefits. Here are some different vital factors are mentioned. That makes them unique from each other.

Hanging mechanism. The primary difference between the back tab and the pocket curtain is style. The back tabs curtain has hidden tabs sewn onto the back of the penal. At the same time, rod pockets have curtains stitched on the top of the panels.

Best Back Tab Curtain Panels

Back tab curtains are available in the market. Whether you buy from a regional store or an online source, these curtains come in the best quality. Below are some famous examples of black back tab curtains panels are presented.

Sun Zero Easton

These penal are energy efficient as they protect the window and room. These curtains are made from thick, textured fabrics. That helps to block the light and noise from outside. At the same time, the sun zero easton curtain provides insulation to help regulate temperature. It comes in vibrant colours and stuff to match walls and furniture.

Doconovo Bck Tab And Rod Pocket Curtains

These curtains come in both types. And made from thick, high-density fabrics. This curtain’s primary benefit is preventing up to 98% of sunlight. You can say. These curtains are manufactured especially for light blockages. This curtain also comes in a range of sizes and colours.

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